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Growth Energy: Holiday Drivers Could Save Nearly $4 Million by Choosing E15

American drivers taking to the road for family gatherings this Thanksgiving could save $4 million if they fill up with E15, a fuel that contains 15 percent ethanol.

11/21/17 (Tue) >read more

Midwest AgEnergy at Local Manufacturing Day in Jamestown

Dakota Spirit plant manager, Derik Marquart, spoke with students last week during Manufacturer Day at the Harold Newman Arena in Jamestown.

10/31/17 (Tue) >read more

New Bill Pushes to Allow Greater Ethanol Blends

Corn and oil may sound like an unpleasant cocktail, but blending ethanol and gasoline has resulted in savings for consumers and profits for farmers, advocates say.

9/25/17 (Mon) >read more

AgWeek: Blue Flint Ethanol Marks 10 Years

Underwood, N.D. - In honor of the 10th year of production for Blue Flint Ethanol, a celebration was thrown on June 28 and drew a crowd of 200 workers, industry leaders and government officials.

7/05/17 (Wed) >read more

Midwest AgEnergy Partners with Growth Energy to Thank Veterans at Coke Zero 400

Midwest AgEnergy Group was proud to partner with Growth Energy in sending two of our very own veterans to the Coke Zero 400 at Daytona International Speedway.

7/02/17 (Sun) >read more

Blue Flint Ethanol Celebrates 10 Years of Successful Operations

Blue Flint Ethanol celebrated a successful 10 years of operations today during an onsite celebration at the ethanol biorefinery near Underwood, ND.

6/28/17 (Wed) >read more

Promote Consumer Choice at the Pump

Whether you buy E15 or sell it, tell your senators to support consumer choice and the RVP bill.

6/09/17 (Fri) >read more

Blue Flint Presented with Award from Eco-Energy

Blue Flint Ethanol plant receives plaque from Eco-Energy noting 600 million gallons shipped through April 2017.

5/30/17 (Tue) >read more

Blue Flint Reaches 10 Years With No Lost Time Accidents

On Wednesday, April 12th Blue Flint Ethanol reached 10 years with no lost time accidents.

4/14/17 (Fri) >read more

MAG Introduces Syngenta Enogen® Corn To ND Producers

Both Blue Flint Ethanol and Dakota Spirit AgEnergy facilities will be incorporating Syngenta’s Enogen® corn hybrid into our process beginning with the 2017 corn harvest.

4/04/17 (Tue) >read more

"Choosing the Right Corn Hybrids" from North Dakota Corn's blog, "Corn: Technically Speaking"

Choosing the correct corn hybrid(s) for your farm is the easiest way to gain (or lose) bushels, given you have already optimized most other management practices. In a North Dakota hybrid trial data set from NDSU, there was as much as 88 bushels per acre difference between the top and bottom yielding adapted hybrids at a location, and all hybrids entered were available for seed in that or the following year. If you do the quick math in your head you can quickly see how much choosing the right hybrid impacts profitability at the farm level.

3/28/17 (Tue) >read more

BETTER CORN: Enogen Technology Increases Ethanol Production Efficiency

Farmers in the area will grow an industrial-quality corn specifically designed for the ethanol industry this summer.

3/20/17 (Mon) >read more

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