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Risk Accounting


Risk Accounting Graphic

  • Successfully implemented and used at Blue Flint Ethanol for years as well as a successful implantation in another ethanol facility
  • Complements, not competes with , existing commodities staff, tools and procedures
  • Favorable terms; no financial obligation until a clear transfer of value (once a tool has been successfully implemented)
  • Shortens the learning curve. Brings more than 4 years of work into your organization in 3-6 months
  • Not stand-alone consulting, we are a functioning ethanol plant that has to see Risk Accounting be successful every day

Where it came from:

  • Company focused development of tools and processes at Blue Flint Ethanol, a leader in the ethanol industry
  • Methods employ time tested foundational risk management practices
  • Risk Accounting is established, proven and streamlined which ensures functional, efficient ongoing usage per the demands of our business and the expectations of client businesses

How it works:

  • Six main reporting tools are brought onto the plant’s network
  • These tools interconnect key plant-specific risk metrics and integrate real-time price data
  • This builds a continually replicating database of historical risk data
  • We set up interfaces between the tools and each plant’s Grains Software & additional data documents (spreadsheets, etc.)
  • We provide detailed Standard Operating Procedures for using the Risk Accounting program
  • We provide initial and ongoing training, support, upgrades, and enhancements

Why it works:

  • Decision-makers have accurate, accessible, instant summary risk data
  • Reporting metrics, formats, delivery method, and frequency all customizable
  • This transparency elevates the ability of key stakeholders to naturally and continually possess a high level of engagement around company risk activities

How to get started:

  • Call 701-442-7505